Alessio Mengoni - Bacterial systems biology theory and applications

Serdecznie zapraszamy na zajęcia prowadzone przez dr Alessio Mengoni - BACTERIAL SYSTEMS BIOLOGY. THEORY AND APPLICATIONS.


Knowledge acquired: Basic and advanced knowledge on systems biology. Knowledge on methodologies for network analysis

Competence acquired: The student has acquired competence on the study of organisms through a systems biology approach and on the experimental and bioinformatic techniques for predicting organism functionality.

Skills acquired (at the end of the course): The student is able to autonomously set up an experimental and bioinformatic protocol for systems biology analysis and see the outcomes in both biological and biotechnological terms.

Topics covered: Introduction to systems biology and to -omics approaches. Networks and their representation. Property of networks. Concepts in systems biology (Shannon, casuality of sequences, static and dynamic complexity), Metabolic networks. Protein-protein and protein-DNA networks. Regulatory networks. Flux Balance Analysis. Synthetic biology.

Harmonogram zajęć:

25.05. : 13.30 – 18 - Aula B
26.05. : 13.30 – 18 - Aula B
27.05. : 14 – 18.30 - Aula B
28.05. : 14 – 17.30 - s. 23
29.05. : 9 – 12 gr. 1; 13 – 16 gr. 2 - s. 70

Alessio Mengoni,
PhD Associate Professor of Genetics Dept. of Biology
University of Florence
Sesto Fiorentino Science Park via Madonna del Piano 6
I-50019 Sesto Fiorentino, Italy
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